Is moss on roof tiles a problem uk

Is moss on roof tiles a problem uk

What does moss on the roof mean?

It simply means that the air in that area is clean – and this is a good thing.

Moss, algae, lichen and mould play a crucial role in the ecological system. We need these bacteria for recycling. Yes, you read it right, FOR RECYCLING.

The more important question is this. Are you looking to recycle your roof? Do you want the expense of a new roof?

If you don’t then it is wise to consider CONTROLLING the growth of moss, algae, lichen and mould. You preserve the lifespan of your roof when you have it professionally softwashed. There are different methods of roof cleaning, some of which bear a higher risk than others.

Roof cleaning is a topic which cannot be comprehended in a web-page article in just a couple of words.

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Moss on the roof means faster degradation of the roof tiles.

You surely love the clean air but not the damage moss is making to your roof tiles.

How does moss damage my roof tiles? Simply bu rooting itself into the surface of the tile. Moss is like water, a drop of water will not cause any significant damage to a rock, but a constant drip of water will erode even the strongest of rocks.

One tiny piece of moss will not damage the surface of your tiles in one day but leaving it here for days and years, will.

A few very important questions you should ask yourself are.

No, it is not recommended to walk on the roof tiles. Roof tiles have air bubbles in them for insolation purposes and stepping onto a tile is almost always guaranteed to break at least 1 tile.

A: Replacing one tile means moving/dislocating all the tiles around it. One small problem can now become an even bigger problem.

Yes, we do.

If a roof can be cleaned, we will know from the roof assessment we commerce before taking on the work. There are a few roofs which cannot be cleaned/we will not clean with the softwashing method, that is listed buildings and asbestos roofs.

An experienced roof cleaner will know how to judge based on the roof type. However, companies like Purple Rhino Contract Cleaning Ltd seem to often demonise roof pressure washing in front of the customer (while selling the service) but then they will be pressure washing it. (click to view video)

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