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Dirty render can be made to look new again. Our Soft washing will make your render stay clean up to 500% longer compared to pressure washing..

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If you take pride in the home you own and would like its exterior to look and smell like new, here’s how we will help you get your home, not only looking like new but also sanitised and free from germs like bacteria, viruses & fungi.

You might think that Pressure Washing is what you need, but let us introduce you to a better, safer and more efficient way of cleaning.

It is called softwashing. Softwashing eradicates germs like bacteria, viruses and fungi leaving the surface not only clean but also sanitised.

Power washing makes germs like bacteria, viruses & fungi become invisible.

Softwashing kills germs like bacteria, viruses & fungi leaving the surface sanitised clean.

How would you feel to know that the infestation has become invisible (but it is still there) vs. the infestation has been eradicated, and now the surface is sanitised clean?

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How far in advance do I need to book a survey?

Our area manager is trained to respond to all the enquiries no later than 48 hours.

Do I need to stay home while the softwashing treatment is carried on?

Our team will know all the details needed to carry the work from the work sheet they got form the office. You don’t need to be at the property.

What area do you cover?

We cover the whole of Kent and East Sussex.

Do you use weed killer to remove the moss or algae?

No, weed killers contain iron which leave rust marks on the exterior surface.

Is softwashing a chemical based cleaning method?

Yes! Softwashing means cleaning the infested surface with a special biodegradable chemical.

Do you step on the roof to clean it?

It is very rare that we need to step on the roof as the softwash solution is applied from the gutter level.

Can softwashing damage the property and plants around it?

Yes! When softwashing is carried out by untrained cleaners, massive damage can occur to the property as well as to the environment.

What does softwashing actually do?

Sanitises the surface being treated, leaving it bacteria free. All the growth will be new growth not regrowth.

Can the moss damage my roof or walls?

Yes! The longer the moss on your roof or walls the bigger the damage. Moss eats into the surface.

Can softwashing damage the led on my property?

Yes! When the works are carried out by untrained and unexperienced cleaners, they can damage the led.

When is the best time to have my house softwash treated?

When is not raining cats and dogs and the temperature is over 5 degrees celsius.

How often do I need to have a softwashing treatmend?

If your house is not surrounded by trees, you will need it treated less often than the house surrounded by trees. Our area manager can advise on this. -> request a free site survey.

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